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Sorting data of array list in JavaScript

What is sorting? By sorting, we simply mean to arrange items in a particular order. The items may be placed alphabetically, increasingly or decreasingly. The words can be arranged alphabetically whereas numbers can be arranged in increasing or decreasing order. The JavaScript language has a built-in sort() method in arrays to arrange items in alphabetical order. Let us now use this method to arrange […]

Arrays in JavaScript

Arrays The array object allows you to store multiple values in one variable. It stores data in sequence form having same type. JavaScript arrays can store any valid value, including strings, numbers, objects, functions, and even other arrays, thus making it possible to create more complex data structures such as an array of objects or an array of arrays. Creating an array […]

Netflix Open Sources GraphQL for Spring Boot

Netflix has open sourced its Domain Graph Service (DGS) framework, which the content streaming service developed to simplify the implementation of GraphQL, for standalone and federated GraphQL services. “By open-sourcing the project, we hope to contribute to the Java and GraphQL communities and learn from, and collaborate with, everyone who will be using the framework to make it even better in […]

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