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Detecting Incoming Phone Calls In Android

DETECT PHONE CALL STATE EVEN YOUR APPLICATION IS CLOSED Do you know, even when your app is closed you can detect phone call states in your Android phone from within your app? Cool…right? Now lets concentrate on “How to do” that! RECEIVERS ARE THE KEY Have you heard about receivers in Android? If yes, then learning the phone state concept would be […]

What You Need To Know About The Android N

INTRODUCTION MULTI-WINDOW MODE Google confirmed via a Reddit AMA a few months back that multi-window feature will arrive on Android N. Andrew Bowers, product manager of Google, confirmed that the split screen is in the works, and it did appear as one of the built-in features on the developer preview 1 of the OS. Apps will now have to add support for a […]

A thorough guide to Android Development for Beginners

In the 21st century, mobile applications have become quite a significant enabler of global engagement in various creative ways. The ever-increasing usage of mobile apps have changed our ways of learning, platforms of communication, consumer behaviour, perception of the world, and so much more. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to claim that mobile app development industry is one of the most […]

Quality to match with your user’s expectations

Since the launch of Android more than 10 years ago, the platform and the user’s expectations have grown. There are improvements from user experience through material design to the importance and advancement in privacy. We know you want your apps to offer a great user experience. At the same time, we also know that it’s not always straightforward to know which area to […]

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