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The rise of Artificial Intelligence and impending takeover

AI-driven machines are predicted to be better than us at driving a truck by 2027, writing a best-seller by 2049 and performing surgery by 2053 It was seven minutes to ten o’clock in the morning, and it was the only good thing that had happened.” [09:53:46] “A patch of green grass seemed to be seeking its face, but it was […]

Focus is on responsible technology, innovation

Machines are taking over our world and robots do benefit us all but is this all fact or fiction? According to N.S. Nappinai,  Supreme Court lawyer and cyber law expert, it is time to do a reality check and shed some light on the darker side of machines and artificial intelligence (AI). According to Nappinai, we have reached the tipping point […]

With robots in control, chemical makers fight for their formulas

The arrival of artificial intelligence onto factory floors is timely as experienced workers reach retirement age Four decades ago as a young engineer working for Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd, Patrick Thomas helped install one of the sector’s first digital computer systems: a mahogany-encased machine now on display in a science museum. Computing has since transformed the industry into a $4 […]

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