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Salesforce Automation Tools – Work Faster And Smarter

Salesforce offers businesses a complete package for streamlining and accelerating their business procedures. Salesforce is well-equipped with a variety of apps known as Salesforce Automation Tools (SFA). These apps are designed to automate workflows and sales processes and enhance leads, sales forecasts, and productivity of the sales department. Salesforce Automation Tools SFAs have proved to be extremely helpful in improving the overall performance of your business. A few Salesforce tools are mentioned below along with brief details […]

Twilio Fosters Innovation Through Recognition

The Superb Owl Awards are to Twilio what the Grammy’s are to music, the Academy Awards are movies, and the Emmys are to television. To put it simply, there’s no bigger honor at Twilio than to receive this prestigious Superb Owl Award. The Superb Owl Award recognizes owners and builders who have an outsized impact on Twilio. Since 2012, our Executive […]

Figma Releases

Introducing Comments to Figma Community Now, you can communicate with fellow creators in the Figma Community via comments. Give in-context feedback on files. Suggest feature ideas for plugins. Ask a fellow creator how they did something. Or, simply share some love. Here’s what you can do with comments in the Figma Community:  Leave a comment directly in a community file […]

All the Ways Slack Tracks You—and How to Stop It

From changing privacy settings to putting limits on those infuriating notifications, here’s how to take control of Slack. THE GLOBAL REMOTE work experiment shows no sign of ending anytime soon. As Europe struggles to contain a deadly second wave of Covid-19, many forward-looking companies have confirmed that their employees will largely be working from home for at least the first quarter of […]

Photoshop desktop

Invite others to edit your cloud documents Collaborate seamlessly by inviting others to edit your cloud documents. Easily find the cloud documents you have been invited to under the Shared with you tab in-app on the home screen, or access them from the Creative Cloud web or the Creative Cloud Desktop app. Open a Photoshop document and click the Invite to edit icon () in the top right […]

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