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Detecting Incoming Phone Calls In Android

DETECT PHONE CALL STATE EVEN YOUR APPLICATION IS CLOSED Do you know, even when your app is closed you can detect phone call states in your Android phone from within your app? Cool…right? Now lets concentrate on “How to do” that! RECEIVERS ARE THE KEY Have you heard about receivers in Android? If yes, then learning the phone state concept would be […]

What You Need To Know About The Android N

INTRODUCTION MULTI-WINDOW MODE Google confirmed via a Reddit AMA a few months back that multi-window feature will arrive on Android N. Andrew Bowers, product manager of Google, confirmed that the split screen is in the works, and it did appear as one of the built-in features on the developer preview 1 of the OS. Apps will now have to add support for a […]

A thorough guide to Android Development for Beginners

In the 21st century, mobile applications have become quite a significant enabler of global engagement in various creative ways. The ever-increasing usage of mobile apps have changed our ways of learning, platforms of communication, consumer behaviour, perception of the world, and so much more. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to claim that mobile app development industry is one of the most […]

Google announced its UI toolkit for cross-platform app development in 2018. On Wednesday, the company announced Flutter 2 and the availability of Dart 2.12.

In 2018, Google announced Flutter, the company’s UI toolkit for cross-platform app development. On Wednesday, Google announced Flutter 2, extending the toolkit to additional platforms with Flutter 2, the availability of Dart 2.12, a Google Mobile Ads for Flutter beta and more. “Our goal is to fundamentally shift how developers think about building apps: Starting not with the platform you’re […]

Social Commerce Is Changing How Brands Sell Online

Social media has changed how we communicate with friends and family, keep up with everything from fitness trends to news, and share our thoughts and talents with the world. Now, it is changing how and where we shop. Social commerce — selling products or services on social media platforms — is catching on fast. Social shopping grew 35 percent in […]

Announcing React Native 0.63 with LogBox

LogBox# We’ve heard frequent feedback from the community that errors and warnings are difficult to debug in React Native. To address these issues we took a look at the entire error, warning, and log system in React Native and redesigned it from the ground up. LogBox is a completely redesigned redbox, yellowbox, and logging experience in React Native. In 0.62 we […]

Flutter Spring 2020 Update

For the engineers, product managers, UX researchers, technical writers, and developer relations engineers here at Google that work on Flutter, the last couple of months have been filled with various challenges; like most of you, we are all grappling with very different daily routines than normal. And yet, as an open source project, we are able to continue to develop […]

Beautiful Custom RadioButton with Xamarin.Forms 5

 There are a few ways to implement this features. In previous applications I have built, I have used the Picker control to give users the option to pick a setting: This is a pretty good experience, however I wanted to see if there was something new in Xamarin.Forms 5 that I could leverage to create a better experience. Browsing the documentation I stumbled upon the brand […]

Why the iPhone SE has many things going for it

We don’t know how successful the iPhone SE will be. But going by the success of the iPhone 11, a smaller phone with similar specs and a cheaper price tag could only be a winner. Finally, Apple did launch a successor to the iPhone SE. And it is still called the iPhone SE, maybe add a ‘2020’ to avoid confusion. Yes, it’s a […]

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