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How To Fix Laravel CSRF Token Mismatch Error From AJAX Request

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts about CSRF tokens, Laravel actively checks certain requests for CSRF tokens for validation. If this isn’t validated correctly, one of the most common errors you will receive is ‘CSRF token mismatch‘. The use-case in which you generally experience this mismatch error is during requests that are sent with AJAX or similar. Let’s take the […]

A thorough guide to Android Development for Beginners

In the 21st century, mobile applications have become quite a significant enabler of global engagement in various creative ways. The ever-increasing usage of mobile apps have changed our ways of learning, platforms of communication, consumer behaviour, perception of the world, and so much more. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to claim that mobile app development industry is one of the most […]

Digitalization – The Future of Marketing

The growth of the web and development of digital technology as a media group have had various significant and unforeseen impacts on 21st-century life. While everybody expected that hi-tech innovations would make things quicker, what anyone barely anticipated was the social effects that advanced media, joined with online accessibility, would have. With the previous and the ongoing augment of various small […]

Reading json files in NodeJS: require() vs fs.readFile()

Often we save settings or configurations in json files.If you’ve spent some time using NodeJS, you’d know that there are quite a fewways to read json files in NodeJS Two of the most common ones are : The other way is using the fs module. We can either do it synchronously Or we can do it asynchronously – Now obviously the question that comes […]

Top 12 Reasons For Using PyCharm in 2021

PyCharm for your Python software development with smart code completion, error highlighting, and automated code refactoring. Get framework-specific support for Django, Flask, Google App Engine, Pyramid, and web2py. 1. Introduction Python has recently gained quite a popularity amongst the programming languages. It is popular for its wide application in web development, machine learning, data science, and desktop application development. Image […]

What are some must-have skills to step into MNCs?

The Education Industry of India has been working in a repetitive manner for decades.  The education space in the Engineering institutions follows a similar procedure to impart knowledge to the students. It might be debatable that the method is outdated as there is a high demand-supply gap in the industry. The integral loophole lies in the fact that the learning […]

Upload Image To Database Using Laravel Tutorial With Example

With Laravel, you can forget about having to worry about PHP’s SuperGlobal ‘Files’ variable. No more messing around with lines and lines of code to handle simple file uploads. Laravel’s workflow to upload enable file upload via a form submission is not only easy to work with but seems to work flawlessly from the start. In this article, we will […]

HTML5 Video Player Best Practices

Let’s all be honest:  when it comes to media and the early days of the internet, we definitely did it all wrong.  We started with embedded video players like RealPlayer and Windows Media Player which required custom codecs and browser plugins, then moved on to Flash and Quicktime — all of which made our browsers slow and sometimes even at risk from […]

React Video Player

Streaming entertainment is a massive interest of mine as both a consumer and web developer.  My love for streaming entertainment dates back to the early days of RealPlayer and the misery of a million codecs.  Fast forward to today and I’m working a lot with ReactJS, as well as the dozens of streaming technologies like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and so […]

How to Create a QR Code in Node.js

QR codes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I quite like them. If I see something I want to remember or check out later, especially when on the road, it’s super easy to take a quick picture — it’s much easier than trying to remember a URL and much faster than typing it in on a tiny keyboard. If you […]

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